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The Plight of the Second-Handers

The main theme from the Asheville City Council meeting tonight was spending state and federal dollars. Councilman Dr. Carl Mumpower was joined by Bill Russell for a couple nay votes. Council accepted $30,000 from North Carolina’s deficit for “water features” at Azalea Park; $26,180 for room partitions, sewing machine repair, a band saw, and otherContinue Reading

Classic TV

The Greensboro City Council officially backs Lindbrook’s downtown development; they’ll officially vote on it at next Tuesday’s meeting. The video wasn’t up on the city’s Web site, so I went over to Guarino’s and watched classic video of a 2006 meeting where Greensboro Partnership Pat Danahy is speaking before the council, addressing the GPD controversyContinue Reading

Obama, liberals, Democrats and Taliban on same page

All of them hate Gitmo: The Taliban told U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday that his plan to close Guantanamo Bay prison camp was a “positive step” but peace was only possible if he withdraws U.S. forces from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Read the stimulus bill

My daughter alerts me via her blog that one may read the 1,500-page stimulus bill online. This little bit of transparency can in no way be credited to the new era of Hope and Change, though. As my daughter observes: The Obama administration has talked of an intention to put the stimulus bill online forContinue Reading

A great short video

I stumbled on this story about the actor James McEachin, one of the stars of this 11-minute masterpiece. Enjoy:

Headlines of the day

And they’re both on the same blog post: Republicans Take Tentative First StepsTowards Republicanism Read My Lips: No New Tax Cuts

Global warming not nearly our biggest threat

Some scientists are having tightened sphincters over a supercollider that’s about to go active: Still worried that the Large Hadron Collider will create a black hole that will destroy the Earth when it’s finally switched on this summer? Um, well, you may have a point. Three physicists have reexamined the math surrounding the creation ofContinue Reading

Bureau of Labor Statistics releases state unemployment rates for December

Read’em and weep. NC 8th worst in nation with 8.7% unemployment rate. National average 7.2%. State / Dec. Unemployment Rate (%) MICHIGAN 10.6 RHODE ISLAND 10.0 SOUTH CAROLINA 9.5 CALIFORNIA 9.3 NEVADA 9.1 OREGON 9.0 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 8.8 NORTH CAROLINA 8.7 INDIANA 8.2 FLORIDA 8.1 GEORGIA 8.1 MISSISSIPPI 8.0 TENNESSEE 7.9 KENTUCKY 7.8 OHIOContinue Reading