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Share here your stories about the federal government tightening its belt.

Should We Drink that Revenue May Abound?

Businesses are shutting down, but the state alcohol business is booming, because nobody can make it like government can.

Alert! Special meeting on Lindbrook development!

OK, I’m trying to figure exactly what necessitates a special meeting of the Greensboro City Council on the proposed Lindbrook downtown development, considering the fact “(s)everal council members said Monday that they support” Lindbrook’s $100,000 incentives request. The meeting has to be about downtown’s parking problems, and I agree with others who’ve noted that downtownContinue Reading

RE: Perdue announces education shake-up

On one hand, Harrison has led a school district that features an extensive school choice program. Hopefully, school choice will not get lost somewhere between Fayetteville and Raleigh. On the other hand, Harrison is still plugged into the Matrix. Can an education establishment guy change the education establishment? We’ll see.

It is 6:15pm. My Recyclables Are Still on the Curb.

Hmmm. Maybe I should call 311 so I can be told something something something. Two weeks without pick-up. Are they taking the month off? I know! I’ll call up and cancel my service contract with….nevermind. This is going to make the coming garbage fee hike feel like a proper jail-house beatdown.

Perdue announces education shake-up

The governor has named a new “CEO” for North Carolina’s public school establishment. Cumberland County school superintendent Bill Harrison will take on that role, along with the additional title of chairman of the State Board of Education. Watch the 20:56 news conference to learn more about the new roles for current board Chairman Howard LeeContinue Reading

Meanwhile, down in Charlotte…..

A big part of the QC’s Official Development Scheme —- as Meck Deck puts it — is kaput. The Home Depot Design Center and its surrounding retail development– aka The Metropolitan — was supposed to let the world know that Charlotte was down with the New Urbanism, but all it did was bottleneck a majorContinue Reading

Meeks to Panthers as DC. Meh.

Two words: Bob Sanders. Can’t really say what kind of coach Ron Meeks might be given he had the luxury of a real game changer in Sanders locking down the middle of the Colts defense. That and one of the loudest buildings in the NFL behind him. And Peyton Manning getting early leads on teams,Continue Reading