Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

Ramblings of a Jealous Old Maid

Now that your federal tax dollars can fund abortions, Representative Susan Fisher is advocating that your state tax dollars go toward teaching Kama Sutra 101. The policy, which flies in the face of the God of many in this state, is not expected to give kids any ideas. It’s supposed to make them safe. FisherContinue Reading

Government Bursting at the Seams

Buncombe County government is feeling growing pains and needs a $50 million building. County offices could leave Asheville, where “government” is the second-largest economic sector (15.2%).

R.I.P. NC State’s Kay Yow

NC State womens basketball coach Kay Yow lost her battle with cancer this morning. She was the epitome of commitment, character, and dignity. May she rest in peace.

When Do We Hit 100K Jobs Uptown?

In light of his most recent comments on employment, wonder if Mark Vitner still thinks Uptown will hit the 100,000 jobs needed to make CATS $9.5 billion transit system work? “I don’t want to sugarcoat it,” said Mark Vitner, an economist for Wachovia in Charlotte. “We just drove right through the guard rail and wentContinue Reading

Blodget Slams BofA

Henry Blodget makes crystal clear that Ken Lewis is taking taxpayer dollars in order to pay executive bonuses. Specifically: By the time it paid its bonuses, Merrill knew about the $21 billion of operating losses for the quarter and Ken Lewis and BOFA knew they would need more capital. Bonuses are supposed to be basedContinue Reading

Bobcats Win, Bonnell Swoons

Just weeks removed from wondering if Adam Morrison was the biggest bust pick at #3 ever — only a couple years after repeatedly defending the Morrison pick when the rest of the world knew Brandon Roy was the correct choice — Uptown NBA scribe Rick Bonnell pens one of the most memorable lines I’ve everContinue Reading