Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

A Plan to Plan for Positive Opportunities

Hendersonville is putting the finishing touches on its comprehensive plan. It is not nearly as aggressive as Asheville’s Downtown Master Plan, but it seeks to pursue a lot of the same fuzzy words that mean everything and nothing. According to the news report, the city commissioned the plan to “address future opportunities and challenges, populationContinue Reading

Horse trading

Another word about the delayed Elm Street mixed-use development. Lindbrook’s request for a $100,000 forgivable loan is definitely a parking issue, but I was by the way that parking dominated the Greensboro City Council’s discussion during Wednesday night’s meeting. The Council did ponder the propriety of handing over taxpayers’ money to help Lindbrook eat 15Continue Reading

Does Freedom Still Exist?

Guess the country, which has: – Laws that can put people in jail for political speech – Seizure of private property for well-connected political insiders – Nationalized industries – National ID cards – Government data matching systems to track individuals from cradle to grave – Serious proposals that would require the monitoring of private behavior,Continue Reading

Global warming ranks as lowest priority in Pew Poll

A Pew Research Center poll asking people to rank priorities for the new president puts global warming dead last at 20th.  What I like about the poll is that it has separate categories for global warming and the environment, implicitly recognizing that improving the environment and pursing CO2 reduction policies to fight elusive global warmingContinue Reading

Your Federal Government at Work

Why did the US Postal Service spend $650K to acquire two vacant lots of just under two acres adjacent to its Matthews Post Office when those lots were sold for hundreds of thousands less than that a couple years ago and carried a tax value a fraction of that number?

Franklin & Granted: On (Not) Getting By at UNC, circa 2009

The N&O today has the following headline: “Bleak scenario painted if UNC-CH must cut 5 percent.” Yes, that again. So here’s a (redundant) challenge. See if you can guess which year each drastic pronouncement was made about the future of UNC: A. “The state’s flagship university is being nickel-and-dimed to death.” B. “How many smallContinue Reading

Water and wastewater report

Terry, Program Evaluation asked the right questions on water and wastewater in the state, but had the wrong assumptions. This report assumes the state should fund water infrastructure throughout the state, just more efficiently and with loans. Nowhere does it address the viability of public-private partnerships – one of the eight duties of the StateContinue Reading

RE: “Smoke and drink for the children” campaign ready to begin

Whatever new alcohol or tobacco taxes the General Assembly passes will be on top of a 61-cent per pack (156 percent) federal tobacco tax increase to expand the government takeover of health care.