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Fancy Names Fighting Little Drains

Buncombe County Food and Lodging Supervisor David Mease is inspecting pools to determine if they have to close. The push for enforcement was spearheaded when, three months ago, technology became available for retrofitting old pool drains to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007. Jim Hayes, head of theContinue Reading

Nice Article

It is comforting to know 270 Congressmen can be reasonable.

Some Dared Call it Art

The results of spending $78K on art for the new palatial $8m. — at least — Arboretum fire station were completed and installed the other day. Super. What I love about this little shell game is that the mayor and perhaps a few members of city council decry the 1% expenditure on such art withoutContinue Reading

RE: missed the fur

Roy– Maybe the succulent grilled meat the reviewer was referring to was…once…feline? Does a glass of the stuff inspire a purrrfect pause in the day? There may be a good reason for the seemingly incomprehensible review. Don’t know. Don’t really wanna know.

I missed the fur

Most people who know me know I love Italian red wines. Recently I tried a wine from Puglia that I hadn’t had before and I really enjoyed it so I went on the www to see what folks are saying about it. Here’s a description I came across. My fist thought was, is this guyContinue Reading

Re: Stay Classy Policy Watch

Unfortunately, both Rob and Chris have demonstrated a propensity to misconstrue — misrepresent? — things I’ve written as well. That this continues to happen can no longer be considered a confusion or a difference of opinion. I am forced to conclude, as I did with former Observer editorial page editor Ed Williams, that the pairContinue Reading

Flip sides of protest petitions

I noticed something else interesting while watching last night’s Greensboro City Council protest petitions debate. While speaking in favor of protest petitions, a speaker noted that the taxpayer-funded Gateway Research Center (which the N&R, by the way, thinks is great) was impacting her neighborhood, while a speaker on the other side said protest petitions wouldContinue Reading

More on Basnight’s presentation

If you watched the video of today’s media availability below, you heard Sen. Marc Basnight, D-Dare, mention a couple of studies about the negative impact of smoking, alcohol and drugs. Basnight’s office submitted this information this afternoon. The smoking costs study from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (pdf link) estimates $5.7 billion perContinue Reading