Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

Obama brings a new tone to Washington

Bush mocked as he arrives on inauguration dais    

The End of Money Center Banking?

The time has come to wonder out loud if any of the big money center banks will be around in 60 days. BofA was hit hard again on Wall St., which in and of itself might only matter to BofA and the QC, except that the entire sector was also slapped into next week. Citi,Continue Reading

Talk about change

I ran into my buddy the anarchist today. Told me he saw President Obama’s inauguration speech and he really couldn’t call himself an anarchist any more because he liked what he heard. It would have been too monumental a task to probe that mind and find out exactly what he liked about Obama’s speech, soContinue Reading

If the excitement over today’s inauguration ceremonies has boosted your interest …

… in presidential history, this link will lead you to five other books about the Great Communicator. Some are good, some bad. All are informative.

If you remember …

… yesterday’s entry about Maria Bartiromo’s latest Business Week feature, you’ll get a chuckle out of Fred Barnes‘ latest column, which starts: Barack Obama is the apostle of hope. But he also arouses the flipside of hope–fear. And while the fear he stirs may turn out to be unfounded, it’s not irrational. People don’t knowContinue Reading

Think there are a lot more people in North Carolina these days?

You’re perceptive, as Michael Barone demonstrates.

So. About That Charlotte Fillmore

The new music venue was announced amid great hoopla exactly two months ago by the NC Music Factory bunch. Still not among the Live Nation list of venues and the spring tour season is ramping up. Guess we’ll hear something when we hear something.

Speaking of Buckley’s book on Reagan

I found interesting WFB’s assessment of the importance of the Panama Canal debate in the late 1970s to Reagan’s election as president in 1980. You might remember that the Panama Canal treaty was one of the few issues that divided Buckley and Reagan. The pair debated the treaty on television, and Buckley often jested aboutContinue Reading