Daily Archives: January 19, 2009

Cure Me or Count Me

Critics of Asheville and Buncombe County’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness were recently handed ammunition when the North Carolina Interagency Council on Coordinating Homeless Programs awarded it $4000 to collect data. In addition, the National and North Carolina Alliances to End Homelessness are paying for Asheville’s Homeless Initiative Coordinator Amy Sawyer to attend the NationalContinue Reading

Bush Responds To Public Outcry!

Remember the two U.S. border agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso, which were prosecuted and convicted in 2005 for shooting a border-crossing drug dealer in the buttocks? The convictions of these two men caused quite a stir in the local Texas community as well as the entire nation. Well, it appears that the nation’s plightContinue Reading

Digital tax update

For those of you who found today’s Carolina Journal Online exclusive interesting, don’t expect an update Wednesday. The Revenue Laws Study Committee meeting originally scheduled that morning has been bumped back to Tuesday, Jan. 27, the day before the General Assembly convenes its new session.

John Locke’s opposition to slavery

Some historians have tried to discredit John Locke’s contributions to the history of freedom and liberty by casting him as a supporter of the institution of slavery. The historical record proves that characterization is unfair, according to Holly Brewer, associate professor of history at N.C. State University. Brewer discussed Locke’s stance on slavery during herContinue Reading

Kicking off “Spirit of Inquiry” 2009

The Pope Center is now accepting nominations for its second “Spirit of Inquiry” Contest. The Spirit of Inquiry Award honors North Carolina faculty who inspire class discussion, drive their students to greater achievements, and imbue them with a love of knowledge. Nominations will be accepted from now until May 15, 2009. More information about theContinue Reading

Rent seekers update: Mayors get in the game, too

Look at all the people spending time and money going to Washington, hiring lobbyists to go to Washington, and doing everything they can in Washington to capture some of this “free money” that President Bush, Congress, and President-elect Obama have made available to everyone to (stifle gag) “save the economy”: bankers, auto representatives, other industryContinue Reading

Common sense on free expression

My column on the UNC system’s use of NC State’s embattled Free Expression Tunnel as a wedge to push for new hate-speech codes and the dream of diversity re-education systemwide was discussed on the blog StateFansNation.com, a site for alumni and fans of NC State athletics. Not surprisingly, as their discussion shows, understood what UNCContinue Reading

A strong dissent on the coronation (oops, inauguration)

Sheldon Richman has the bad manners here to point out that what’s going to happen tomorrow in DC is the peaceful transfer of violent power. Most Americans will be distracted and bamboozled by all the inane hoopla, but the somber fact is that the new regime will be no better at protecting life, liberty, andContinue Reading