Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

Obama’s talking about the need for a ‘new declaration of independence’

Months ago I made the following observation of how Obama introduces socialist programs in his speeches: first by referencing the ideals of the Founders, then after having imitated the soaring rhetoric of past American luminaries, changing the focus to make it sound as if the next step for American liberty is to become a socializedContinue Reading

Cities, Industry, Homes, Children, What’s Left?

So much for private property. One feels like a freak trying to stand up against the notion that the abstract money hole known as government needs to control everything. I noticed today that the only big construction projects moving forward in Asheville last year were government partnerships. The two largest private sector projects were withdrawnContinue Reading

Bailing out states is bad: Reasons #54, 55, and 56

As tax revenues continue to fall – something no state ever expects, even though revenues rise and fall in a fairly regular way – the Wall Street Journal reports that states are reacting in different ways. On the positive side, something that might get undermined by a federal bailout, Wisconsin and Minnesota “are looking forContinue Reading

Schumer’s goose love and the US Airways crash

New Yorks’ Sen. Chuck Schumer played a part in the circumstances that brought down that US Airways plane into the Hudson River. Here’s an excerpt from a 2004 Schumer press release: US Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that Congress has passed $200,000 in federal funds for the US Fish and Wildlife Service to implementContinue Reading

Peppers: Reading Between the Lines

Wow. Talk about a bombshell indictment of the Panthers during the John Fox era. Julius Peppers telling ESPN via a release from his agent that he has decided to play elsewhere in order to become an “elite” player is pretty damning. Peppers is declaring to the football world that the Panthers have failed him. NeverContinue Reading

Perfect cure for insomnia

Apparently the Rhino’s Paul Clark stayed awake during the Guilford County Board of Education’s SMOD discussion. Don’t know how he did it. I’m on my second cup of coffee and I damn near fell asleep just reading this: The school board, by an 8-to-3 vote, approved for first reading a policy that, as it wouldContinue Reading