Daily Archives: January 16, 2009

The Free Press Has Left the Building

Tuesday, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners will be voting on amended rules and procedures for their meetings. One proposed change sounds like it may have come straight from the Fairness Doctrine, but it Googles no matches: The Board reserves the right to designate where any and all broadcasting, photographing, filming and/or recording devices andContinue Reading

Blogger to “Rent” cast: Get a job, losers

The musical “Rent” comes to the Durham Center for the Performing Arts beginning Monday. It’s ironic that a musical written to protest New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to clean up his city is one of the first events at a building built to help do the same for Durham. It’s hard to imagine now,Continue Reading

Defeat Looming for Goldman Sachs Army?

Don’t look now, but smart people are raising serious questions about the ability of NY Fed chief Tim Geithner to win confirmation to be the next SecTreas. At minimum, the cozy little Goldman alum club is getting some unwelcome pub and Geithner’s rep has taken more than a few knocks. His supposed confusion about hisContinue Reading

Your Saturday is planned

The 2009 march for life is taking place in downtown Raleigh tomorrow. The rally begins at 1 p.m in Nash Square. More information here. And, if you’re twiddling your thumbs for something to do tomorrow morning, check out The Mayor’s Unity Day breakfast. “Join other citizens and community leaders in open dialogue to learn andContinue Reading

“Stimulus” is not what the economy needs

Naturally, the short-sighted politicians (pardon the redundancy) who are in charge in Washington are committed to the political expedient of spending prodigious amounts of money in order to “stimulate” the economy. It can’t, however, as Sheldon Richman explains in this column. You have to wonder — does Obama the supposed intellectual ever bother to readContinue Reading

Re: Government stimulating government ? the song from the off-Broadway smash “RENT Seekers”

Joe, your last post inspired me. I can just see Barbra Streisand in the role of Gov. Perdue singing: Government people, Government people who need government people, Are the rent-seekingest people in the world. We’re spenders needing other spenders And yet letting our government pride Hide all the waste inside Acting more like criminals thanContinue Reading

Government stimulating government

Gov. Bev Perdue asked for $15 billion in taxpayer money funneled through the federal government to pay for state ($7.5 billion), county ($3.5 billion), city ($2.8 billion), and school ($1.1 billion) projects. She’s counting on another $900 million in secondhand taxpayer money to bail out the state Medicaid program. This more than offsets the goodContinue Reading

Best newspaper coverage of “Miracle on the Hudson”

The Daily Mail in the UK has the best roundup of the United Airways incident yesterday, including more info on the pilot than I’ve seen in any American media report. By the way, he was an Air Force Academy grad. Interesting that most of the photos that accompany the Mail story come from Splash News.Continue Reading