Daily Archives: January 15, 2009

Economic Stimulus Bill

Details about the U.S. House economic stimulus bill have just been released.  The legislation, called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 has all kinds of goodies for almost every special interest.  Here’s the report language for the bill (provides a detailed summary). The House Appropriations Committee released this press release/summary that also listsContinue Reading

Re: Atlas Shrugged more relevant than ever

Of course it would be nice to eliminate the income tax–there was a reason the Founders believed a capitation tax was problematic: it was inimical to limited government. But, I wonder about the prudence of using Rand as our model. She is not, perhaps, the most prudent use of argumentation against the modern state, inContinue Reading

Perdue’s latest budget order …

… offers legislators one more reason to consider Joe Coletti’s ideas for closing down North Carolina’s spend-and-tax roller coaster ride.

Re: The Not So Greatest …

David, Professor Bauerlein will also join us later this month on Carolina Journal Radio. Click play below for a preview.

The eugenics eco-alarmist connection

As a follow up on my post below. It should be noted that there are connections between the modern day progressive pseudo-science/religion of global warming and the progressive movement’s similarly grounded, earlier cause of eugencis. Sir John Huxley (d. 1975) was not only a famous evolutionary biologist, environmentalist, and founding member of one of theContinue Reading

Global warming alarmists need to hurry

The idea that there is an urgency to global warming legislation and/or CO2 controls is getting sillier and sillier in light of a climate record that shows at least a decade worth of cooling, with apparently more to come. This is why those in the progressive movement (formerly known as liberals) know they have toContinue Reading

New climate-change positions at Air Quality?

Yes, the Tar Heel State is facing a $2 billion budget shortfall, but no situation is dire enough to curb our financial commitment to fighting the giant hobgoblin of climate change, right? The N.C. Division of Air Quality wants to create 11 new positions devoted to global warming. From DAQ spokesman Tom Mather: DAQ hasContinue Reading

The Not So Greatest Generation

Is my generation dumb, misunderstood, or somewhere in the middle? For baby boomer Mark Bauerlein, the answer is the first of those three options. Bauerlein came to UNC-Chapel Hill in November to give a lecture on his new book, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’tContinue Reading