Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Coming home to roost

Strange how we’ve been writing all this stuff about the City of Greensboro’s legal problems with its police department for three years now and —- just so happens —- violent crime is up in Greensboro. Meanwhile, Guarino ponders another incident at Friendly Center and Fisher Park listserv is reporting (unconfirmed) that Red Mike’s was robbedContinue Reading

Morons in Manhattan

These fools should have their children taken from them and sent to the salt mines. Believing in the autism link to vaccines is akin to believing in evil gnomes. More to the point, in the last two decades we’ve conducted a running experiment with old sperm and old eggs, ever-earlier neo-natal intervention, and aggressive earlyContinue Reading

Dead Media Walking

The Miami Herald and all of parent company MNI make this list of media properties which could go poof in 2009. In fact, the dire situation McClatchy faces with the Herald really does drive home for me the idea that the best hope for its Carolinas operations is to be spun off, either as aContinue Reading

The future of government-funded manned space flight

NASA faces some big decisions in the days ahead, as it decides how to proceed with manned space flights in the future. John Locke Foundation analyst Michael Lowrey outlined some of the space agency’s options during today’s Shaftesbury Society luncheon. Click play below to see Lowrey’s description of some key issues NASA, the Obama administration,Continue Reading

Meanwhile, in Chicago

On-street parking fees are quadrupling, park of a $1.2b. push to: …increase mass-transit ridership and reduce the number of vehicles traveling to the central business district by charging higher meter rates during peak hours, raising the city tax on downtown parking garages and charging a congestion fee for operating delivery trucks in curb loading zonesContinue Reading

A quick definition of smart growth

A model for city and county planning whose purpose is to cram as many people into as small an area as possible, or conversely, to cram as few people into as large an area as possible.

How does Obama spell ‘relief’?

Well, based on the AP headline “Obama team spells out need for bailout money,” I’d guess that if he were honest, he’d spell that “need” for bailout money in two words: R-E-N-TS-E-E-K-I-N-G What, you may ask, is rent–seeking? Here’s a good essay on the subject from Mike Munger. The gist: Robert Tollison, one of America’sContinue Reading

Wake child nutrition chief speaks out on potential F&R lunch fraud

Wake County school board member Ron Margiotta brought up a Carolina Journal article on potential free and reduced-lunch cheating at a recent school board meeting. The News & Observer of Raleigh covered it here (scroll down to near the end of the article) and here. During the meeting, Margiotta asked Marilyn Moody, Wake?s senior directorContinue Reading