Daily Archives: January 11, 2009

‘Your Carolina Panthers, ladies and gents’

As only he can, Meck Deck’s Jeff Taylor sums up last night’s debacle in the Queen City: There are your Carolina Panthers, ladies and gents. Get used to them because without a 1st round pick next year, they ain’t gonna change anytime soon. Folks can bray for someone under center besides #17, but that isContinue Reading

Anyone but Mitch

Here’s what jumped out at me while reading today’s N&R front-pager on the mounting cost of Greensboro’s cop-related legal battles: “It’s really a shame,” City Manager Mitchell Johnson said Friday. “It’s been an incredibly unfortunate situation and could have been dealt with more effectively a long time ago if people had made the right decisions.”Continue Reading

Panthers: They Are What They Are

As ugly as it was, what transpired at Bank of America stadium Saturday night was no nightmare. It represented what the Carolina Panthers are at their core. For proof, think back to September 2007, same stadium. The Panthers jump out to a 14-0 lead over Houston behind Jake Delhomme — then surrender 31 straight pointsContinue Reading