Daily Archives: January 9, 2009

Asheville-Buncombe Retreats

Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners are holding their retreats this weekend. In Friday’s session, the commissioners discussed televising the public comment portion of their meetings. Activists consider the commissioners untrustworthy for silencing them, but even the public has grown weary of some of the regulars. Asheville City Council turned its focus fromContinue Reading

Re: The Big Lie of NC Annexation: Exposed

Bravo, Daren. Nothing quite like the facts. Now I wonder if the UNC School of Government and/or Prof. Lawrence have violated the UNC system’s research misconduct regulations by intentionally misrepresenting the content of the ACIR report. I think I’ll ask around just for the hell of it. You see, my resolution for 2009 is thatContinue Reading

UNC Chancellor: Never Mind About That New Airport

Facing considerable opposition by many southwestern Orange County residents, UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp announced today that the university will not build a new airport in southwestern Orange after all. From the News & Observer: The university will not build an airport in Orange County. UNC-Chapel Hill had been poised to establish an airportContinue Reading

The Big Lie of NC Annexation: Exposed

For decades, the North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM) and its allies, such as the UNC School of Government, have spread a huge lie about NC’s annexation statute that they repeat over and over that has been the basis for them calling NC’s annexation statute the model law for the rest of the country.  TheContinue Reading

Re: Rand’s world

Ah, now I get it. You’re referring to Ayn, not Tony.

Rand’s World, We’re Just Living in It

Old pal Stephen Moore makes the far too obvious point that current policy streaming out of DC makes Atlas Shrugged look like a historical novel we received via time machine. Moore writes over at WSJ online that: With each successive bailout to “calm the markets,” another trillion of national wealth is subsequently lost. Yet, asContinue Reading

Auditor says goodbye

From outgoing State Auditor Les Merritt: Message from Auditor Merritt — January 9, 2009 Dear Friends,   Today is my last day as your State Auditor.  It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as The Taxpayers’ Watchdog for the past four years, and I believe our team has made a positive differenceContinue Reading

Defending Easley … sort of

A page one story in the News & Observer today features criticism of Gov. Mike Easley’s style. In reading the piece, I found myself saying, “What’s so bad about that?” Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of reasons to criticize our outgoing governor. Click here, here, or here for just a few examples. AndContinue Reading