Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog & Equality of Opportunity Bills

I’ll tie together two current events I’ve been pounding, and then move on to other things. (1) You will recall that BB&T was getting grief from the left for offering colleges generous grants in exchange for a curriculum that would not exclude capitalism from discussions of economic philosophy. Although some schools gratefully accepted, voices inContinue Reading

Depend upon it, whatever happens with gasoline prices, it’s always bad news

Over the past month, the fluctuating price of gasoline has provided a good example of Jacob Sullum’s observation that economic conventional wisdom tends to find the negative side of anything and everything, even the cardinal opposite of something previously pronounced “bad,” e.g.: “Rising prices are bad, and so are falling prices … Rising oil pricesContinue Reading

Quick: How do you know when gasoline prices are bad?

Answer: When they can be seen. Yes, any time you see a posted price for gasoline, you can bet it’s “bad.”

Re: Top 200 jobs

A good point, Jeff, at least as it applies to policy analysts at JLF and other free-market think tanks. I’m sure you know that not all think tanks and policy analysts fit your multifaceted description, and I admit I’m at a loss to find the proper job description to go with the others ? youContinue Reading

Re: On a list of the top 200 jobs…

Ah, but is not a Policy Analyst essentially #1, #7, #11, and #12 all rolled neatly into one? That would make Policy Analyst job #9.5 or so. And possibly a witch.

Messiah Picks Copyright Nazi for Justice

This just keeps getting better and better. Barack Obama keeps moving deeper and deeper into status quo land, now tapping one of the RIAA’s favorite lawyers for a top job at Main Justice. Change. Hope. Declan McCullagh has the gory details here.

Guess Who Was Right About UNCC Student Fees?

Uh, that would be me. Yes, going back years I’ve been telling everyone that UNCC absolutely, positively would have to hike student fees in order to cover its lackluster association with the A10 Conference. The official cover story is that the 8 percent hike will be needed to pay for a new student union. Super.Continue Reading

Obama fails Econ-101, and so does his new CEA Chairman

Economist David Henderson at the Hoover Institution takes on Obama’s stimulus package and uses an article by Obama’s candidate for chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, to do it.   In this Forbes article he notes: To combat high unemployment, Keynesians advocate having the government increase aggregate demand for goods and services.Continue Reading