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Why Asheville’s DTMP Must Fail

The most nefarious portion of the draft for Asheville’s Downtown Master Plan is Strategy #7. It recommends the establishment of a business improvement district to “enable everyone to share in the benefits of prosperity.” The BID, dubbed the Asheville Downtown District (ADD) would be governed by a board that “must transcend election cycles.” This bodyContinue Reading

WCU’s B-School and BB&T

Well Ayn Rand has been causing a stir: Western Carolina University?s College of Business recently secured a $1 million donation from BB&T ? but not before discerning faculty fought to loosen the strings that came with the donation. Stipulations attached to the money ? namely that business students be taught an ardent pro-capitalism philosophy ?Continue Reading

X-rated sign this bailout madness has nuked the fridge

Lexicon alert: “nuked the fridge” is the new “jumped the shark.” Essentially the terms refer to the point at which something has reached the point of terminal silliness, after which it will mercifully recede from the public. Such as the Indiana Jones franchise after “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” exemplified by the moment when IndyContinue Reading

Re: Martinez on Perdue

Martinez’s article is somewhat of a mixed bag. As Daren notes, he comes out in favor of “energy efficiency” programs, which are just another excuse for micromanaging people’s behavior and purchases but he also argues against further investment in bio fuels and joining a regional greenhouse gas initiative. Although on this last point the onlyContinue Reading

And you thought Starbucks was expensive

The Chicago Public Schools bought $67,000 worth of cappuccino/espresso machines and then failed to use most of them, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. In the case of the cappuccino machines, central office administrators split the order among 21 vocational schools to avoid competitive bidding required for purchases over $10,000. As a result CPS paid about $12,000Continue Reading

Coming soon to a store near you: hyperinflation!

  It?s taken from today?s column by Thorsten Polleit at Mises.org.  Polleit points out the dangers of government monetary intervention and this graph really drives home the point.  The Fed expanded the monetary base by over 70% in 2008 ? which means that the wealth of all Americans was subjected to an effective 70+ percentContinue Reading

Top think tanks in the world

Surprisingly, JLF is not on Foreign Policy’s list. It’s that old national-level bias. You can help.

Martinez on Perdue Energy Plan

Cross-posted on EnvironmentNC.com The Raleigh News & Observer?s Rick Martinez wrote this column today on Perdue?s energy plan. Among other things, Mr. Martinez is all in favor of energy efficiency mandates. He should read this report and the numerous reports and data I cited in my report, and maybe he?ll reconsider his conclusions.