Daily Archives: January 6, 2009

Beauty Is in the Eye of Government

A copy of Asheville’s Downtown Master Plan has been posted on the city’s web site. It wasn’t supposed to be published until its great unveiling on January 15. Planner Tom Gallaher explained that a couple hooligans got ahold of a bootleg copy, so the design team felt compelled to make it available to everybody. TheContinue Reading

Beason a Pro Bowl Pick — Of the Cards

Interesting little detail to drop from this AP look at Jon Beason heading into his first Niffle playoff game. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says, “We voted for him for the Pro Bowl and I think he’s very deserving of that.” No wonder. You could argue that Beason’s INT of Kurt Warner at the Panther 5-yard-lineContinue Reading

I heard the Bells on Christmas Morning…..

But this is the last time, the Church violated the City’s noise ordinance.

Skipper Beck Charged with Whoring Around. Finally.

Didn’t think this was gonna happen. The possibility was the worst kept open secret in Charlotte since Tammy Faye Bakker used to raid TJ Maxx for clothes to re-sell at Heritage USA. After investigators leaked the first name “Skipper,” the initials “S.B.”, and the use of a Mercedes SUV in one of the late 2007Continue Reading

The Edu Name Game

Reminds me of the “learning cottage” nomenclature CMS insists on using for trailers. Me and my boys have had endless fun with that and settled on “edu hut” as possibly the most absurd end-point in this kind of thinking. I lobbied for “indoctrination lean-to” as a cheaper alternative, as well. No one else thought itContinue Reading

Shoving square pegs into round holes

That’s what newspaper editorials do. In this case, the Winston-Salem Journal offers a thousand reasons why Ashe County’s million-dollar agribusiness program should have worked, even though it didn’t. As you can imagine, the Journal thinks Ashe County should continue the program anyway.

Singing the messiah (no, not that stuff from Handel)

Jay Nordlinger writes today about the need for a “safe zone” from the politicization of everything, something socialists are notorious for. (I wrote something very similar to Nordlinger’s lament back in 2004: “I think the public generally takes the art that’s produced for its own merits, regardless of the artists’ political views. No doubt that’sContinue Reading

Asheboro’s still breathing

Randolph County Economic Development head Bonnie Renfro says Asheboro’s still breathing, despite its ranking as America’s fourth fastest-dying town. Remember, you can now buy alcohol in Asheboro, and it’s up for debate whether or not that’s a good thing. Either tourism-related businesses will be more willing to locate there now, or residents will sit aroundContinue Reading