Daily Archives: January 4, 2009

He’s a Clintonite, for heaven’s sake

Bill Richardson drops out as commerce secretary: Richardson withdrawal, first reported Sunday afternoon by NBC News, raises questions about the thoroughness of the Obama team’s vetting process, which had been touted as one of the most stringent ever. Stories about the investigation of the CDR contract and of the donations by David Rubin — theContinue Reading

Watch Out SoMeck and South Charlotte

Recall that this time last year — the first week after Christmas break for CMS — South Charlotte was hit by a wave of home invasions which targeted high-end residences. Made perfect sense — the homes were full of pricey new gadgets and the residents were virtually certain to be back at school or work.Continue Reading

The Uptown Baseball Myth

Check out Center City Partners honcho Michael Smith still spinning a taxpayer subsidized Charlotte Knights baseball park, claiming it will “bring affordable family entertainment over a lot of Charlotte summer nights.” Really? Recall the “premium pricing” assumptions the Bobcats took Uptown — 50 to 75 percent ticket price hikes that were completely unsupportable in theContinue Reading

Media template*

It never fails to amaze me how reporters from two different newspapers can come up with the same story idea. Either they all think the same or public libraries are sending out press releases. *Media template is one of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite terms. El Rushbo should be back Monday, though I’ve enjoyed his stand-ins, mostContinue Reading