Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

Your Wray lawsuit update

Bringing it all together….Indeed, former Greensboro Poice Chief David Wray’s lawsuit against the City of Greensboro and City Manager Mitchell Johnson reads like a Cliff’s Notes version of the Jerry Bledsoe series. And that’s exactly what makes it a must-read for anyone new to the controversy or looking to refresh their memory. Trust me, flowsContinue Reading

General Welfare Lost in Stimulus Craze

The Smoky Mountain Center for Mental Health is closing a facility due to a shortage of psychiatric nurses. It proposes as an alternative a roving band of psychiatrists and nurses to help people in crisis. Rumor has it that burnout rates in the mental health profession have been heightened by excessive and ever-changing government paperworkContinue Reading

More N&R departures

Interesting that right after veteran N&R reporter Lex Alexander completes editor John Robinson’s New Year’s Challenge, he accepts the Landmark Challenge: get out while the gettin’s good. Someone’s walking out the door every week down on East Market Street.

Another “threat” to justify a loss of freedom

Prepare to hear increased media alarmism about “third-hand smoke“: Parents who smoke often open a window or turn on a fan to clear the air of second-hand smoke, but experts now have identified another smoking-related threat to children’s health that isn’t as easy to get rid of: third-hand smoke. That’s the term being used toContinue Reading

Meanwhile, in Rock Hill

Local NFL product gets arrested on New Year’s Eve. Pretty funny that Ko Simpson thought that yelling “I am worth millions!” was going to somehow help the situation.

Wray files suit against City of GSO

I find out from Guarino, who gets it from Troublemaker. I’m not on my computer, so I won’t download the document. I’ll wait until I get home — it should be interesting reading.