Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

Kill the Eagle, and Ask Questions Later

December 18, Julie White, director of the NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, gave less than seven hours’ notice with the following request for modifications to mayoral economic stimulus wish lists. . . . I am concerned that we are including projects that are not meeting the three criteria we have read in the press for theContinue Reading

Emergency Community Development

Back in November, Asheville’s Mayor Terry Bellamy received a “funding alert” from the National Conference of Black Mayors. They announced their lobbying had been successful, and an extension would be granted to black mayors wishing to apply for Neighborhood Stabilization Program emergency funding. HUD summarized the program: HUD’s new Neighborhood Stabilization Program will provide emergencyContinue Reading

Re: The economics of silly tax laws

For some reason, Jon, I thought about how this might translate into The Ministry of Silly Tax Laws: Mr Pudey: Well sir, I have a silly tax law, and I’d like to obtain a government grant to help me develop it. Minister: I see. May I hear about your silly tax law? Mr Pudey: Yes,Continue Reading

Is your church preaching on the greatness of Barack? The Library of Congress wants to save the sermon.

You should know, in this new Great Awakening, that I am not kidding: Inauguration-week sermons would be videotaped to highlight Barack Obama’s rise to power in an unprecedented quest by the Library of Congress to capture this transfer of power for posterity. The folks at the library’s American Folklife Center are soliciting churches, synagogues, mosquesContinue Reading

Unconstitutional Taxpayer Campaign Financing Systems

If a candidate for elected office is allowed to spend money to communicate his message, but only at a severe penalty to his campaign, is this constitutional? The United States Supreme Court issued an opinion in a case called Davis v. Federal Election Commission, also referred to as the Millionaire’s Amendment case, which addresses thisContinue Reading

The economics of silly tax laws

Government revenues are sacred. No matter what happens in the greater economy, they must not be negatively affected. Families tighten the belts, businesses cut costs, but governments find new ways to tax. That is why, after a sluggish economy and high gasoline prices caused consumers voluntarily to seek ways to reduce their consumption through drivingContinue Reading

Just wondering

Where were these useful idiots when Hamas was firing more than 8,000 rockets at Israeli residential areas in the past few years.

Trump Still in Trouble

Donald Trump’s flirtation with Uptown seems like eons ago. Now part of his empire, Trump Entertainment Resorts, is having a ton of trouble paying its debt. Bloomberg reports that Trump Resorts just got a three-week extension on almost $2b. in debt after the company missed an interest payment. The idea is to find a wayContinue Reading