Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sit Down First

If you live in Orange County, sit down before opening your new property evaluation notice, which should arrive next week. Average increase in tax value: 22 percent.

A Storm of a Mess

For a truly weird, dysfunctional sports team, you need look no further than Raleigh. No, not the Wolfpack, in either basketball or football. Try the Carolina Hurricanes. They’re sixth in the NHL (of 30 teams) in shots on goal… but just 19th in goals. The Canes are 15th in shots on goal against… but 7thContinue Reading

If Only Michael Sanera Ran NC DOT

If you’ve had enough of Triangle traffic bottlenecks, check out this Locker Room blog from Michael Sanera, the Locke Foundation’s Director of Research and Local Government Analyst.

“Rate of Juvenile Crime Rate” Rate Up and Down

The Asheville Citizen-Times is criticizing Governor Mike Easley’s oversight of the Department of Juvenile Justice. 331 incidences of violence were reported in juvenile detention centers in the first ten months of 2008. 190 were reported in 2007, but methods of reporting have changed, and the usual problems of reporting crime (perception, degree, cover-up, fictitious reports,Continue Reading

How to mislead the public

McClatchy gets it wrong from the start in this story about the faux outrage over the parody song, “Barack the Magic Negro” (emphasis added): A Memphis man who wrote and produced a highly controversial musical parody of President-elect Barack Obama says Republican infighting over the song is misguided. The mainstream media continue to be cluelessContinue Reading

Year End Literary Reflection

What was the most significant, impressive, thought-provoking or enjoyable book you’ve read this year? I have several I might suggest, but the one that comes to mind first is Clarence Thomas’ 2007 autobiography, My Grandfather’s Son, which I found profoundly moving. I find it interesting, too, that the copy I have was one of manyContinue Reading

One Last Try on the Local Housing Market

I am well and truly at a crossroads on this topic. Facts seem to have absolutely no impact on local boosterism, so I question the point of trying to construct ever-more simple examples to dent the fog. Yet there seems to be some responsibility to fill the vacuum created by the willful idiocy of theContinue Reading

HOT lanes for the Triangle?

This article in the N&O raises a question in my mind. Why doesn’t the Triangle have HOT lanes or a toll beltline or even HOV lanes?  The article explains how High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes in Houston, Miami and other cities save commuters time and money. In addition, the higher speeds on toll roads preventsContinue Reading