Gilchrist vs. Monroe

Pay very close attention to the situation now unfolding. The drive-by murders of Terry Long and Joshua Davis may be the catalyst to get CMPD and the Mecklenburg DA’s out of their mutual comfort zone.

DA Peter Gilchrist pled down the accused in the case, Montrez Benjamin Williams, last year. Standard operational procedure for the county prosecutor’s office, you know that. Williams skated within weeks. New CMPD Rodney Monroe wants to know why. And that’s big.

There should be some tension between the police department and the DA’s office, not the cover-your-ass pact we’ve had in Charlotte for far too long. Aside to Chief Monroe: Check every violent offender you arrest in the next 60 days — I guarantee most of them will have had previous felony charges pled down to almost nothing by Gilchrist’s office.

This has been going on in plain view for years, part of our catch-and-release program for violent offenders.