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Afraid of a Pig Farm Nextdoor?

Buncombe County recently enacted countywide zoning. The county commissioners are now scheduled to hear zoning requests #54-#69 at their next meeting. They will also consider two amendments to the zoning ordinance. The extended meetings are an annoyance to Chairman Nathan Ramsey, a Republican who voted against zoning and keeps saying, “I told you so.” SomeContinue Reading

Not infringed …

WRAL reports this dad was patient enough about a midnight burglary, but the bad guy made a mistake — he shot first. The intruders held two adults and four children, ages 4, 5 and 8, at gunpoint and ransacked the house, authorities said. During the robbery, one of the suspects fired a shot, prompting theContinue Reading

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Vacations

This interesting article describes IBM’s work/vacation time-tracking policy. Apparently, they don’t keep tabs on either one. Too late for us for this summer vacation season, I’m afraid. But the author notes a common thread in the no-tracking/no workplace workplace?at IBM and elsewhere. Most of these empyees and exec.’s are compulsive workaholics anyway.

Man charged with copyright violation for using own video

Remember this political ad for Christopher Knight, who was running for school board in Rockingham County, N.C.? It turns out that the video music TV channel VH1 liked it so much they made fun of it on one of their shows, without, of course, Knight’s permisson. Knight posted the VH1 segment on YouTube so heContinue Reading

Re: Friday Follies

Movie: “Airplane!” My sides hurt. Album: Not fair because nearly all the albums I listened to came from pre-1978, when I started high school. But since I have to abide by the rules, I’ll go with “Van Halen” over Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Damn the Torpedoes.” TV Show: IContinue Reading

Friday Frivols

Favorite Movie: Das Boot, directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The last movie I saw with my father, who died while I was in college. We saw it in German with subtitles, which is the way I prefer to think of it. Favorite Album: Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, The Battell. The PJBE still defines brass for me.Continue Reading


Travel and various obligations have kept me out of the loop. Not going anywhere this weekend, though.

Re: Friday Folllies

This was tough, as I couldn’t remember a single movie I really liked that was released during my high school years. I assumed I had not seen a movie at all during that time until I looked this up: Favorite Movie: M*A*S*H Favorite album: (probably most listened to anyway) James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” FavoriteContinue Reading