Daily Archives: July 31, 2007

Re: More on Beason

From the WRAL Story on Black: Beason is regularly ranked among the state’s most powerful lobbyists, and he represents clients from BB&T to BellSouth to the North Carolina Restaurant Association. In 2000, he also represented video poker industry. Black said the money from Beason was a bridge loan to help him redevelop a building inContinue Reading

We Won!

I’m having a hard time winding down to get to work. At 5:30 this evening, I got a phone call from Tim Peck announcing that the petition drive had been successful by 22 signatures. My evening walk through the neighborhood was like a victory lap. “We won!” I shouted to people who had signed theContinue Reading

Same dance, different city

Unlike Bubba, I’m not a BCBS customer, so I don’t have a dog in their fight with Moses Cone. But I’m confident things will work out. Turns out United Healthcare broke off talks with Wake Medical Center, but guess what: they just signed a new three-year deal. As you can imagine, BCBS is in theContinue Reading

Latest ozone data up on Environment NC

The latest ozone data is up on EnvironmentNC.com, the JLF’s environment web site. This a weekly feature of the site. If you’ve been following  these reports you will note that the last time a high ozone day has been registered at any monitor in NC was during the week of June 24. That week thereContinue Reading

Smoke-and-mirrors revealed

In one of my favorite (and their most blatant) smoke-and-mirror maneuvers in legislation being pushed during the final days of the 2007 session, Senate Bill 540 proposes “technical” corrections to motor vehicle law. Section 29 revises the accounting , i.e. transparency, of the $172 million transfer of money out of the Highway Trust Fund. ItContinue Reading

Black and Center City Partners

Well, well, well. Isn’t it interesting that when Jim Black goes to jail, up pops the name of Center City Partners? Turns out the group approached Black about the building he owned on Tryon Street. In short order, Black had $500,000 from Beason, ostensibly to fix up the building. Any chance this little episode fromContinue Reading

Who’s too partisan?

Look at this list of U.S. Senators ranked by partisanship and you’ll see an interesting phenomenon. The top ten on the list (the most partisan) are all Democrats, the bottom ten (least partisan) include nine Republicans and one Democrat. Most media commentators love bipartisanship as long as it’s the Republicans who are jumping across theContinue Reading

Myrick, Watt and the “comfort women”

I can understand why U.S. Rep. Mel Watt might sign on as a cosponsor of a U.S. House resolution urging Japan to apologize to South Korea for forcing Korean women to act as “comfort women” for Japanese soldiers during World War II. This has all the things Democrats like Watt love: admission of blame byContinue Reading