Daily Archives: July 30, 2007

Owning Your Own Green Stuff

I received an email from Progressive city council member Bryan Freeborn today. My reaction, when I found that Mayor Terry Bellamy would be the first passenger on a new green transit initiative for Asheville, reminded me of one of my favorite all-time one-liners. When one of my math profs asked the class one day, “What do youContinue Reading

Not on my editorial page

N&R editorial page editor Allen Johnson had some reservations about Hoggard’s column on the prolonged SBI investigation of the Greensboro Police Department due to run in Wednesday’s paper. Too much speculation, Johnson tells Hogg. I’m sure this paragraph had nothing to do with Johnson’s reservations, either: Dots are everywhere: Drug dealing dots. Check-kiting dots. ProstitutionContinue Reading

In the Mornin’ You Go Gunnin’ for the Man Who Stole Your Water

Those lyrics to that Steely Dan song never made sense to me, but they just might when I roll out of bed this Thursday.  The soap opera is too long for a little blog. Some say it goes back to the days of the Depression. Buncombe County bailed Asheville out when they couldn’t pay theirContinue Reading

Running on emotion

In yesterday’s N&R, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Dick Polman writes that Democrats need to “go for the gut” and appeal more to Americans’ emotions. There’s just one problem in Polman’s mind: But that is not what Democrats do. They are cerebral by nature. They dislike emotional appeals. They fear that if they get too pugnacious, someContinue Reading

Black in custody

The former N.C. House speaker met his 2 p.m. deadline to surrender to federal authorities.  

John Fund on vote fraud

No one in America has done more on the problem of vote fraud than has John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. He writes about it again here. Congressional Democrats find all kinds of excuses for doing nothing. The obvious truth is that they know they benefit from the actions of organizations like ACORN andContinue Reading

Some JLF Web Fun Facts

As I was navigating through the John Locke Foundation’s web-traffic software this afternoon, preparing some data for a new draft of our strategic plan, I noticed that the current version of our internal site tracker went online on July 29, 2004 — exactly three years ago yesterday, which is obviously the most recent day forContinue Reading

Hillary adjusts her “take things away” position for evangelicals

This is old news, somewhat, but in reading over the CNN transcript of the Democrats’ “religion debate,” I noticed the following. At the very end of the debate, Sen. Clinton is asked a leading question about the need for sacrifice, restraint, etc. for the common good. Her comments included an “religious” spin on her hardcoreContinue Reading