Daily Archives: July 29, 2007

Why is the State in this Business?

Should the State continue operating ABC Stores? Let Popcorn Sutton be the State ABC Director, he has knowledge of the industry.

Gingrich clears the ticket

Newt thinks Sen. McCain is a dead letter for ’08: Gingrich is ruling out John McCain’s chances among the Republican contenders. The Arizona senator “has taken positions so deeply at odds with his party’s base that I don’t see how he can get the nomination,” Gingrich said Sunday in a broadcast interview. Wow, if that’sContinue Reading

Re: Boys

Mitch, places like Falling Creek Camp have existed for nearly a century. They’re called Boy Scout camps. Interestingly, the TIME article mentions Scouting only briefly at the end of this piece, but for most of the last century they carried the flag for boyhood outdoor adventure when no one else did. Here in North CarolinaContinue Reading

Boys will be boys

TIME‘s latest cover story examines the controversy surrounding the proper education of boys. The fascinating piece includes a couple of North Carolina references: “A boy will get a reputation as hell on wheels that follows him from one teacher to the next, and soon they’re coming down on him even before he screws up. SoContinue Reading

Where was the voodoo booth?

The Holistic Expo was held in Carrborro yesterday. Visitors were treated with vendors hyping copper pentaspheres that turns your negative chi into positive chi, titanium and germanium bracelets that improve your circulation and tarot card readings. Amazingly, most people seemed to view all of this without openly guffawing. A steady stream of people came byContinue Reading

Re: It works

My understanding is that sequence is set up with real objects, not computer graphics, and was filmed in a single take — the last of a multitude, granted, and the cost was something like 8 million pounds. The only digital enhancement is a stitch somewhere in the middle where they spliced the video from theContinue Reading