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Statistical Bias II

While searching for the hours of operation of our local Board of Elections, I ran across the following. Citizens of Buncombe County may register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles, public libraries, or the Board of Elections. They may also register at the following agencies: The Department of Social Services (Work First, FoodContinue Reading

Statistical Bias I

It seems statistically improbable that the signature count for the petition drive for a referendum on partisan elections in Asheville should, for the last few days of counting, be hovering at the target, plus-or-minus single digits. After all, 6192 signatures, 1192 over the target, were turned in, and an alleged additional 75 pages of 15Continue Reading

Edwards’ plan: deceptive

John Edwards thinks he knows how to pay for his healthcare plan. Raise the capital gains tax. Repeal tax cuts for the rich. Extend tax cuts to those making $200,000 or less. But Robert McIntyre of the Citizens for Tax Justice has some doubts about Edwards’ math: ….if the cost of extending tax cuts forContinue Reading

Medicaid Smoke and Mirrors

It is incorrect for legislators to claim that the final Medicaid swap will allow counties to pay for schools and other infrastructure needs. It does, indeed, provide more money to some counties, but the larger and faster growing counties — you know, the ones that need to spend money on new schools — do barelyContinue Reading

What vacant positions?

Somehow the $103 million the House set aside from eliminating long-vacant positions to help pay for county Medicaid relief, which shrank to $34.4 million in the Senate budget, is now down to $10.0 million.

And now for something completely different

It works

GCS don’t need no Tolly Carr

So say two letters to the editor in today’s N&R. Meanwhile, Greensboro’s Michael Riggs didn’t exactly appreciate an N&R staffer’s fishing expedition during the Community Swim Association’s championship meet: I and many other swim families are very disappointed in Robert Bell’s choice of topics for his front-page article (July 13) about the Community Swim Association.Continue Reading

Real money

My old estimate on population growth and inflation was 5.1%, Fiscal Research had it at 3.9% Spending in the conference bill is up 9.5%. That difference adds up to real money either way Conference vs. 5.1% TABOR Could save $816 million operating and $830 million total, or about $91 and $92 for each man, woman,Continue Reading