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The way things work out

The Locker Room’s Paul Chesser two interesting posts on North Carolina’s “classic” temporary taxes: This is a classic example of how temporary taxes work,” commented Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “A temporary tax increase is advocated in order to address some crisis. But throwing more money at the problem means that thereContinue Reading

More required reading on the environment

AEI air quality expert Joel Schwartz comments on “another authoritative-but-wrong paper in a premier scientific journal that will henceforth be used to support unwarranted alarmism about climate change and air pollution.” Schwartz sums up the problems with the recent study on ground-level ozone pretty well below. Note once again that prosperity appears to be theContinue Reading

Morrison Out

Well, Jay Morrison will not be on the school board. Morrison has withdrawn from the race citing an earlier Uptown paper of record report alleging he had engaged in a “scheme” to bilk credit reporting agencies by filing at least 18 lawsuits against them. Morrison maintains that filing the lawsuits was the only way toContinue Reading

More than we needed to know

How John Edwards broke his wife’s rib.

Re: Remember back

Here’s another golden oldie: this one from Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, in a press release dated Feb. 24, 2005. It’s titled, “No Such Thing as a Temporary Tax Increase in North Carolina:” WASHINGTON, D.C. ? After increasing taxes three of the last four years Gov. Mike Easley has proposed raising the salesContinue Reading

More than meets the eye

Also check out The People’s Cube‘s liberal oxymorons.

Remember back…

As the General Assembly and Gov. Easley are poised to finally ‘fess up and admit that the term “temporary” assigned to a state sales tax increase in 2001 was a big lie, it’s worth looking back at a Paul O’Connor column from Sept. 29, 2002, which appeared in the Chapel Hill News (and other newspapersContinue Reading

Minimum wage increase — too little, too late

That is the view of writer Holly Sklar in today’s N&O. The economic folly of believing that any net good can come out of coercive tampering with the price system has been fully discussed here and elsewhere. Alas, writers like Sklar never pay the least bit of attention to economic arguments. What I’d like toContinue Reading