Daily Archives: July 26, 2007

Wave your flag and kick liberty in the teeth

A couple is making headline news for desecrating an American flag. They put markings on it and flew it upside-down to signify that the nation was in distress. From my contact with the couple, I surmise the distress has something to do with the CFR and the Illuminati. Anyway, according to some reports, the couple slammed their door on a sheriff deputy’s hand asContinue Reading

Skip Prosser has died

Just heard that on WPTF-AM. They said Prosser, the Wake Forest basketball coach, died while jogging today in Winston-Salem. Emergency medical technicians responded, according to the report, but Prosser died before they got to the hospital. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends and to all Wake Forest fans.

Black seeks extra week of freedom

Lawyers for former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black hope a judge will allow him to delay his federal prison reporting date to August 6. The delay from his current scheduled reporting deadline — this Monday — would allow Black to face sentencing on state charges, then head to the Pennsylvania prison federal authorities have selectedContinue Reading

To raise wages, cut the corporate tax rate

Corporations do not pay taxes, but it seems that workers bear most of that burden – not investors. That’s what Glenn Hubbard says based on his review of recent research. He concludes, “[W]orkers collectively would be better off if they voted for higher taxes on labor with corresponding cuts in the corporate tax.” Some highlights:Continue Reading

Nifong’s apology

Former Durham DA Mike Nifong apologized to Duke lacrosse players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and Dave Evans, and admitted that there was never a shred of evidence against them. Better late than never, I guess. Still…..

What’s wrong with mental health and the rest of health care

Good Hope Hospital in Harnett County closed its doors in April 2006 because it could not get a Certificate of Need (CON) to replace its 93-year-old facility that the federal government declared was too dangerous. Nearby Betsy Johnson Hospital, on the other hand, teamed with WakeMed and received a CON to expand its facilities. NowContinue Reading

SB3 Could Wreck the Environment

A new study just released from the Rockefeller Institute says that renewable energy plans could have a devastating effect on land clearing and utilization. An exerpt: Building enough wind farms, damming adequate number of rivers and growing sufficient biomass to produce ample kilowatts to make a difference in meeting global energy demands would involve aContinue Reading

Hey N&O: Balance your brush-offs

It’s highly unusual that you see an editor of the Letters section on a newspaper’s opinion page provide a defense or explanation in response to letter writers. But in the case of responses to News & Observer columnist Ruth Sheehan’s piece on Wake County Commissioner Paul Coble, it has now happened twice — once toContinue Reading