Daily Archives: July 22, 2007

Rachel from Durham gets serious

Americans were asked to submit questions for the CNN Democratic debate on Monday night via YouTube. As you might expect, most are of the ridiculous, lefty, tin-foil hat variety, but one submitter, Rachel Mills from Durham, asks a good one. It’s about people having guns to protect themselves since the police only arrive “not withContinue Reading

Gen. George S. Patton agrees with me

About the Boomer generation, I mean (mild language warning in places; after all, it’s George Patton): The person who did the voice is tremendous. Did they call George C. Scott from beyond the grave to do this? By the way, George S. Patton is buried in the Ham Military Cemetery in Luxembourg. So you know.

Supporting the troops

I ate dinner up at Brightleaf Square last night. Parked in front of Morgan Imports was a car with a bumper sticker that said, “I support the troops by opposing any more of their senseless deaths.” That kind of support our troops don’t need. That’s sort of like the house on Dacian in Trinity ParkContinue Reading

N&O says higher property taxes are good

In the middle of its fight for a property transfer tax, the N&O’s editorial board decided this is a good time to call for higher property taxes. I thought they want the transfer tax to avoid higher property taxes! They must need a scorecard to keep track of when they like raising which tax. Wait,Continue Reading

Upset Down in Georgia

The political world — certainly the right-leaning side — will be picking through the results of the special congressional race down in Georgia for a long-time. In a heavily Republican district, overwhelming favorite former state Sen. Jim Whitehead fell to Paul Broun, a doctor with a Ron Paul-like libertarian streak. This is the spin TheContinue Reading

Boomer losers

I’m a Baby Boomer (b. 1947) and usually not proud of it. Too many of my generational cohorts are lefty losers, revolutionaries, union goons, hash and weed stoners and utopian socialists. That list describes many I went to college with, the ones I actually knew. Fortunately, I saw what was coming and joined the serviceContinue Reading

Kinsley and class envy

If you’re looking for a good example of the impact of class envy, look no further than Michael Kinsley’s latest TIME column. In making his case that private-equity billionaires are “pigs” because they’re fighting proposals to boost their tax rates from 15 percent to 35 percent, Kinsley says: Tax breaks aren’t free. Lower taxes onContinue Reading

Programming Note

WBT’s Pete Kaliner invited me on his Common Sense show to talk transit with city council member Pat Mumford. I think it was a good, informative exchange that leaves plenty to build on. It airs at 11am this morning. Check it out.