Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

And in the International War of Ideas …

N.C. blogger Mamahadeen shows why we have to continue to explain the truth about freedom, even to our friends in nominally free countries. They simply don’t get it: While we were chatting, the conversation turned to the state of the church and by way of explanation, the relationship of the citizens to their government inContinue Reading

Mayor Pat Goes Snarky

“I recommend Mr. Gjertsen concentrate on his own challenges on the school board.” What? Pat McCrory sounds way too passive aggressive immediately off the bat. The guy has $300,000 in the bank. I’m telling ya, the guy is going mental. Meanwhile, Mary Newsom had a scoop and didn’t report it. If there were rumors aboutContinue Reading

GCS outs Carr

Trying to clear up the confusion surrounding former WXII anchorman Tolly Carr’s intended guilty plea….. The N&R reports Carr’s request to speak to students about the dangers of drinking and driving was indeed pre-arranged by attorney Locke Clifford: Clifford broached the idea with fellow Greensboro attorney, Alan Duncan, who is chairman of the Guilford CountyContinue Reading

A Word About Posts

We’ve had quite a few new posters the past few days which is great. Super in fact. That’s the entire point of doing this. However. With the spambots out there lurking — sometimes peppering the site with 800 or 900 spam posts a day — the anti-spam defenses sometimes inflict some collateral damage. Perfectly goodContinue Reading