Daily Archives: July 18, 2007

What right does PART have?

In an unposted editorial, N.C Alliance for Transportation Reform president Joe McDonald tells us what he thinks of the Heart of the Triad: Triad citizens should be enraged. Elected officials must recognize that this plan, if actually implemented, would suck the vitality from the existing metropolitan areas and would eventually mean higher taxes for all.Continue Reading

Does the concept of naked freaks on ice make you think of global warming? Me neither.

This seems counterproductive: Wanted: volunteers willing to take their clothes off and have their picture taken on a freezing cold Alpine glacier. The appeal by New York artist Spencer Tunick, famous for taking pictures of thousands of naked people in public settings worldwide, is intended for a photo shoot to highlight the effects of climateContinue Reading

One Less Stalinist in Power

North Carolina Motor Vehicles Commissioner George Tatum has resigned. You may remember Tatum from the straight-up Stalinist move which had DMV “internal affairs” flunkies dispatched to suspend and order into psychological evaluation an honest DMV inspector who noted that a friend of Tatum’s was trying to get an authentic title for his kit-car truck. TatumContinue Reading

DMV Commissioner Tatum steps down amid lawsuit

Just one day after Joey Gardner filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the DMV, Commissioner George Tatum has resigned. Background on the lawsuit is here: An assistant director at the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles filed a whistleblower lawsuit in state court today, saying he is being retaliated against after he reported that DMV Commissioner GeorgeContinue Reading

An inconvenient choice

I’m referring to Elon University’s decision to go with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as its summer reading book this year. In this week’s Clarion Call, Steven Hayward attacks Elon’s choice. But if you think college is the place to learn that scholarship is about promoting feel-good notions that entail a vast increase in governmentalContinue Reading

There’s science then there’s environmental science (From EnvironmentNC.com)

The cover story in the most recent issue of Regulation magazine looks at how environmental science is infused with ideology, hyperbole and personal attacks. The article is by UCLA geography professor Stanley Trimble. It discusses the corruption of prominent scientific journals and how many environmental scientists avoid real argumentation, while resorting to impugning the integrityContinue Reading

Teapot pork

North Carolina’s infamous Sparta Teapot Museum gets pride of place in a speech by Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on the U.S. House floor today (emphasis added): But, let’s face it: when we approve congressional earmarks for indoor rainforests in Iowa or teapot museums in North Carolina, we make the most spendthrift faceless bureaucrat look frugal.Continue Reading

Boomers causing global warming?

Another global-warming theory: