Daily Archives: July 16, 2007

So long, GCS. It was real, but not real fun.

This week’s Rhino reports on the leadership vacuum in Guilford County Schools’ facilities department. You know, the one that’s had a few construction problems over the past year or so. Everyone’s saying sayonara, with the exception of ‘consultant’ Joe Hill: Apparently, no one wants to be the head of the facilities department. The position givesContinue Reading

Horrific scene

The tragic accident that killed four people in Elon on Saturday got national air when Rush Limbaugh mentioned it leading off today’s show. Limbaugh cited this N&O article (the best reporting on the accident I’ve seen) with the headline 4 killed as SUV hits disabled car as further evidence that the mainstream media still believeContinue Reading

Open Letter to Adam Searing

Adam, I?m confused. In your exchange with Dallas Woodhouse at the Pulse blog on a high risk health insurance pool, you claim that ?All companies are paying a share since all benefit from the pool.? Third-party administrators and reinsurers pay the fee, but this still doesn?t include employee health coverage offered by every employer. TheContinue Reading

Great Moments in Mass Transit

A woman was told by a bus driver in Germany that her cleavage was too distracting and she needed to move where he couldn’t see her or get off the bus. Better still, the driver was backed up by his bosses. “The bus driver is allowed to do that and he did the right thing,”Continue Reading

McHenry’s earmark

Patrick McHenry has been made an object lesson in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 10th District Congressman, who is often compared to Tom DeLay, tried to get $129,000 for tourism promotion in Mitchell County. He had complained about earmarks from Republicans and Democrats, so they voted against his. Next week’s Headliner, Robert Novak, has

Black back in court this month

Former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black is slated to face sentencing on state charges the week of July 30. Black already faces a prison term of more than five years on federal charges.

Re: ‘Treason’

Those who missed Marlo Lewis’s spring presentation, “A Skeptical Tour of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth,” can read the highlights here and watch the entire presentation here. 

The Onion might be on to something here

I think this campaign slogan is marginally better than John Edwards’ actual slogan, “Tomorrow Begins Today“: