Daily Archives: July 15, 2007

More goodies handed out by the Legislative Black Caucus

The Legislative Black Caucus has recently come under fire when it was discovered that children and close family members of the caucus were recipients of scholarships that were intended to go to economically challenged students. According to the Legislative Black Caucus’s form 990 for 2005 filed with the IRS, additional money has been given toContinue Reading

The Drop

Not a good weekend for the City of Winston-Salem. Just as the city is considering an ordinance designed to crack down on violence in nightclubs, gunfire breaks out after a city-sponsored concert. ‘The Drop’ is literally that —- parents drop their teenagers off at Corpening Plaza for a Friday hip-hop concert.(Many do walk downtown.) TheContinue Reading

Five months that changed the world

If you’re interested in the characters and rhetorical conflicts that generated the U.S. Constitution, you’ll probably enjoy David O. Stewart’s The Summer of 1787 (Simon & Schuster, 2007). Among the interesting observations is the following description of Gouverneur Morris’ work to compile the final version of our “supreme law of the land”: Morris also wroteContinue Reading