Daily Archives: July 13, 2007

Pulpit Forum to Justice Dept: Back off

The Greensboro Pulpit Forum fires off a letter (PDF) to the Justice Department asking that the recall election of City Council member Dianne Bellamy-Small be disallowed: We believe that an objective examination will show that the whole recall initiative is racially motivated and will have the discriminatory effect of diluting the AfricanAmerican vote, as wellContinue Reading

Attention interns! Want a shot at the New York Times?

The old gray lady is sponsoring an essay contest for college students who want to respond a Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter with College?” Details available here. Even if the Times doesn’t want to publish your essay, the Pope Center will.

The fortunate Duke Three

I know that sounds outrageous, but, really, the Duke lacrosse case could not have unfolded any more advantageously for Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and Dave Evans. They are viewed in the eyes of the world as completely innocent. No one but a few agenda-driven lefties doubts it. They have settled monetarily with Duke University andContinue Reading

RE: “Studies” curriculum

George, Your post reminded me of this hilarious piece from The Onion: Teach For America Chews Up, Spits Out Another Ethnic-Studies Major (Warning: foul language)

“Studies” curriculum leaves young Americans blissfully uneducated

That’s the argument professor Victor Davis Hanson makes here. He is, of course, referring to the proliferation of programs such as Women’s Studies, Gay Studies, Peace Studies, Chicano Studies, Film Studies, etc. They “aim to indoctrinate students about perceived pathologies in contemporary American culture–specifically, race, class, gender, and environmental oppression.” The trouble is that theyContinue Reading

Raleigh: Home of CESMs

The News & Observer reports today that the Greater Raleigh (as opposed to Lesser Raleigh?) Convention and Visitors Bureau is embarking on yet another one of those searches to figure out just what the city is all about, for the purposes of putting together a future marketing campaign (What was that song again, Jon Sanders?Continue Reading

Personalities and presidents

Is there really a class struggle?

Sheldon Richman argues that there is, but Marx got the classes all wrong. The real class struggle is between those who pay taxes and those who consume them. Read all about it here.