Daily Archives: July 12, 2007

Can’t get excited for W-S

Medicaid relief for N.C. counties isn’t dead. Forsyth County doesn’t know what to think, but Winston-Salem likes what’s coming out of the Senate Finance Committee: The plan calls for the state to take over 25 percent of the county’s Medicaid share in October 2007, and 50 percent in July 2008. The state would take onContinue Reading

Big Surprise 2

GCS delays Smith Academy opening: Joe Hill, facilities consultant, said the district had to push back completion of the renovation of the former Oakwood Mobile Homes headquarters on South Holden Road after construction crews discovered mold in the drywall. The district hired All-Kleen of Greensboro to remove the mold earlier this year at a costContinue Reading

Revisionist history of the founding

I missed The People’s Cube’s July 4 offering, so I’m sharing it with you now: Prior to July 4, 1776, not a single person in the world starved, got sick, worked hard for a living, or experienced any pain and anxiety. No one had ever been oppressed or unfairly exploited because the oppressive and unfairContinue Reading

Re: Mental health parity

Joe, does it cover one-armed drummers? 

Another Reason Uptown is Not Manhattan

A parking spot — a parking spot — is going for $225,000 in Manhattan. And there is a waiting list for them. The average price of a home in Charlotte is right around that number — maybe even a little less. Yet Charlotte wants to pretend that you run a couple of trains into UptownContinue Reading

Mental Health Parity

Small companies will soon have to include mental health coverage that is equal to physical health coverage in the insurance they offer their employees thanks to HB973. The bill states that the mandate is on insurance companies, but a large portion of the cost will be borne by those who purchase insurance. Large companies thatContinue Reading

Re: CCS revelations go to D.C.

…and if you want to hear Paul talk about it live on WBAL in Baltimore, tune in on the web, WBAL.com, at 4:15 tomorrow  afternoon. 

Japanese win the Sanders Alternative Lottery

Per WRAL: Envelopes containing 10,000 yen ($82) bills and well-wishing notes have been discovered in municipal toilets across Japan, media reports said, baffling civil servants and triggering a nationwide hunt. Local media have estimated that over two million yen ($16,400) worth of bills were found at men’s rooms in city halls in at least 15Continue Reading