Daily Archives: July 11, 2007

Another airline comes to town…

There was a time when airlines shunned Charlotte. US Airways was the big dog in town, and no one wanted to fight them for market share in a, well, not that big a market. Those days are over. And the list of airlines that fly here prove: the 6 legacies. Air Canada. jetBlue. AirTran. Lufthansa.Continue Reading

Tara Blows Roof Off Chambergate

That’s a wrap. We’re done here. WBT’s Tara Servatius has definitively shown — as if there were much doubt — that the UNCC “study” of CATS released in May was an official Uptown production merely laundered through Charlotte’s top public research institution. On top of that, there are rumors afoot that the UNC system hasContinue Reading

Some things just look bad

Capital Beat digs up shenanigans at UNCG involving an energy savings contract. Here’s the short version: RFP calls for three finalists, three are chosen, then the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities decides to expand the finalists to five. Guess what? One of the two added finalists gets the contract. Guess what else? The winning contractorContinue Reading

So long, Lady Bird

Lady Bird Johnson has died. The former First Lady who urged us all to plant trees and shrubs to keep America beautiful was, like Mamie Eisenhower, a smiling and likeable presence alongside her presidential husband. She also took the time to send me a letter once. On the spur of the moment I decided inContinue Reading

Reaction to Jim Black’s 63-month sentence

“Today’s the end of the line for Jim Black and his corruption.” Those were the first words of U.S. Attorney George Holding’s statement after this morning’s sentencing hearing. Listen to his entire statement here. FBI Special Agent Nate Gray offered these comments. Democratic political consultant Joe Sinsheimer played a key role in exposing Black’s corruption.Continue Reading

Arbitrary & Capricious Pseudoscience

Asheville City Council has been grappling for months with how to define parameters for a pending steep slopes ordinance. A three-year-old initiative to streamline the UDO to make Asheville more development-friendly went south under the direction of Asheville’s new Progressive leadership. City planners are now working to strengthen and broaden the UDO to protect theContinue Reading

Oh, Give Me a Home!

Asheville is becoming a mecca for the homeless. Since city council adopted the Ten-Year-Plan to End Homelessness two years ago, people have noted increases in vagrancies. A man who works for the homeless in Marion confirmed rumors that other municipalities are busing the homeless to Asheville. He said often when the mentally ill exhaust allContinue Reading

Speaking with One Voice Against Diversity

One of the hottest topics in Asheville is the partisan/nonpartisan election debate. Council voted June 12 to change the city charter to make elections partisan. This would give those who asked for and supported the change a major statistical advantage, as registered Democrats (58%) outnumber Republicans (20%) in Asheville. Even Unaffiliated voters (22%) outnumber Republicans.Continue Reading