Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

A regular Camden Yards

Winston-Salem officials get their first look at their new $25 million downtown baseball stadium: Council Member Wanda Merschel, the committee’s chairwoman, said in an interview that the ballpark “is reminiscent of Camden Yards,” where the Baltimore Orioles play. That park, situated in downtown Baltimore, has been praised for its classic design. Several cities have imitatedContinue Reading

Selling the farm

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler sees the big picture regarding the state’s proposed transfer of research farms to N.C. State. Troxler doesn’t like Wolfpack research head’s Joe Leath’s suggestion that the university might sell some of the land: Leath acknowledges that if granted control, the university would likely sell some of the stations and use theContinue Reading

Hey Jim, At Least This Isn't China

There they execute corrupt government officials. Kinda puts things in perspective. Now shut up and go to jail, ya bum.

Your New CMS Bond Number…

…$516 million. Good night! Thanks for playing! Drive safe! Now the school board has to “cut” projects — ie remove some lines from a wish list. Should be equally entertaining.

What Else Was Jim Black Doing in 2000?

I mean, besides taking $500,000 bribes from lobbyists? Try calling the police on Republicans in the General Assembly. The Charlotte Observer actually reported the tulmut on page A1 back on July 14, 2000. That day the state House went home and Speaker Jim Black wrapped himself in the robes of a protector of democracy. “IContinue Reading

That’s Austrine for mod-e-rye-tion

A new study from the Queensland Brain Institute in Australia says that alcohol doesn’t really kill brain cells, as we’ve been told for decades. Good news, I guess, but it’s the definition of moderation that struck me as just so Australian (emphasis added): Some of the best studies show that a bottle of wine aContinue Reading

Private Property Rights Coming to an END? (9 Days and Counting)

Out in Western North Carolina, the county with the most photographed Courthouse in the state, Jackson County will vote in 9 days on a piece of policy that will strip the basic rights of personal property away from its citizens. Jackson County commissioners are as it stands now 4 to 1 AGAINST protecting private propertyContinue Reading

Doug Marlette killed in traffic accident

I just read that Doug Marlette, known and loved by many in the Triangle, was killed in a traffic accident in Mississippi this morning: According to the South Reporter, the accident occurred at 9:42 a.m. near the West Holly Springs exit on U.S. 78 East. Marlette was the passenger in the vehicle, according to theContinue Reading