Daily Archives: July 9, 2007

Please tell me I’m missing it

Right before saying no, hell no to former speaker Jim Black’s generous offer, The Meck Deck’s Jeff Taylor has a little fun with a Charlotte Observer “howler” praising Black for his goodly deeds: Perhaps the saddest thing about Mr. Black’s flawed stewardship of the House is that his policy instincts were in line with ourContinue Reading

Jim Black: The Speaker Strikes Back

Oh, my. We wondered what Jim Black was up to. Never imagined it was this crock. Although in retrospect in makes an odd kinda sense. Jim Black spent an entire career getting away with stuff because he claimed he did so in the name of the Poor and Downtrodden. Even as his empire was comingContinue Reading

And in This Corner…

The CMS Bond Battle 2007 comes to the Mecklenburg County Commission Tuesday night! See millions of dollars tossed around like nothing! Thrill to the non sequiturs and obfuscation! Also on the undercard, the Terror of MLK Blvd. — the $8 million grant to help build the Knights baseball stadium! Good seats going fast! Call (704)Continue Reading

Liddy Dole’s resurgence

Robert Novak, who will be a John Locke Foundation Headliner speaker on July 24, has this to say about U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole in his latest column: Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, viewed as one of the most vulnerable incumbent Republican senators seeking re-election in 2008, has made a comeback with successful fund-raising andContinue Reading


To run Wilmington?s red-light program, the taxpayer must pay $13.75 for every ticket in order to keep the system afloat and in compliance with the law. Learn how to spot the hidden tax!

Desegregation Issues Remain in Courts

While the Supreme Court recently ruled against using race as a predominate factor in determining students? assignment, Hartford?s public schools are being taken to court due to “racial isolation” issues. The plaintiffs believe government can control the racial composite, with just more money and mandates. According to the Connecticut Mastery Test, only 17 percent ofContinue Reading

Workers of the world unite?

The Smithfield pork processing plant in Tar Heel earns a mention in this U.S. News article on efforts to internationalize workers’ unions. 

Race, research, and the Charlotte Observer

It is not surprising that the editors of the Charlotte Observer published an editorial today criticizing the recent Supreme Court decision to limit school assignment by race. But instead of launching the usual liberal diatribe against racist conservatives, they attempted to pull off the “research says” (similar to Simon says) approach. The move brings withContinue Reading