Daily Archives: July 8, 2007

Approaching from different angles

It’s safe to say that, generally speaking, JLF’s Chad Adams and I see pretty much eye-to-eye. We just look at it from different angles. If you’ll remember back in June, Adams said Guilford County’s budget, with its cuts to the arts, museums historic preservation, not to mention the entire economic development office, made a boldContinue Reading

They don’t quite get it

Read the first few paragraphs of Madeleine Albright and Hernando De Soto’s new TIME column, and you’ll get the impression that these folks are starting to understand that people benefit from the protection of private property rights. Then you reach this statement: [W]hen governments grant people legal means to control their assets, they empower themContinue Reading

"This is a friend of Commissioner Tatum's"

The N&O’s Dan Kane details yet more petty, cretinous behavior from the Down East kleptocracy. This time it is DMV Commissioner George Tatum reaching out to help a good friend save a few hundred bucks on his car property taxes while potentially misleading future buyers of the vehicle as to its actual build-year. In otherContinue Reading

Owens busts AP again

Raleigh blogger Bob Owens has busted The Associated Press again. Not only does he point out their hypocrisy in atrocity reporting (fake atrocities that help Al Qaeda are worth reporting, real atrocities BY al Qaeda are not news), he has photographic evidence that an AP reporter (looking as silly as Michael Dukakis in that tank)Continue Reading

Nine Questions for the Uptown Paper of Record

And eight of them more or less make sense to me. Guess which one does not.