Daily Archives: July 7, 2007

AP un-American, and it’s not about war coverage

The Associated Press story on the Minnesota Twins’ great doubleheader win yesterday was “Twins Score 32 Points in Doubleheader.” John of Power Line thinks this is unconscionable: This isn’t Reuters or the AFP, this is the Associated Press. And, while we would never question anyone’s patriotism, I’m not afraid to say it: anyone who doesn’tContinue Reading

The global-warming mob

The headlong rush by so many to jump on the global-warming bandwagon reminds me of the torch-bearing villagers chasing Frankenstein’s monster. Ignorance and passion are a volatile combination, even in the modern world. Common sense is enough to destroy the Armageddonist predictions of the climate loonies, but they have none. Or, like Al Gore, theyContinue Reading

Politico de Cline

Drew Cline — former editor for Carolina Journal, infrequent contributor to the Locker Room, and current editorial page editor for the New Hampshire Union Leader — just started a weekly series of reports on the presidential primaries from his state for The Politico.

John Edwards’ America

One has to wonder why ANY North Carolinians would be proud to support Edwards.  On the heels of his $400+ haircut, he goes on to a $1200+ haircut.  Hero to the poor?  It’s hard to preach about two Americas from the precipice of a 28,000 square foot home that cleared more trees than a futureContinue Reading

Charlotte: "Strong libertarian, anti-tax sentiment"

Really? So says Mecklenburg County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts in explaining why CMS’ $616 million school bond has not been automatically embraced by local residents. And here I thought it was all Meck Deck’s doing. Seriously, I do not know if Charlotte is any more or less libertarian in outlook than other similarly sized, growingContinue Reading