Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

Mary Newsom vs. Reality

I fully expected the Observer’s Mary Newsom to lash out in the wake of revelations that all is not as advertised with the UNCC transit study she so breathlessly touted to the world back on May 7th. I erroneously assumed, however, that her reaction might mirror that of WFAE’s Mike Collins, a light rail fanContinue Reading

It’s time for le tour!

Yes, friends, it’s time again for the Tour de France, one of my favorite sporting events to watch on television. Ever since our cable system began carrying OLN (now called Versus) I’ve watched every minute of the tour, either live or DVR’d. This year’s event begins tomorrow with the Prologue time trial through London andContinue Reading

Of potential importance

I know this is old news and all, but when I saw a James Hansen quote in this story about a climate-change debate in Vermont, I just burst out laughing: [Alabama State Climatologist John] Christy also testified the impact of the Vermont law on global climate “would be below our ability to measure or detect.”Continue Reading

Good intentions, but not rooted in science

No, I’m not talking about global warming. Stay with me. A press release from USGBC says U.S. Mayors Champion the Greening of America’s Schools: If mayors from across the country have their way, every child in America will be attending a green school within a generation. In a move to better support the health andContinue Reading

Watching the ‘Hoff

Why would The Locker Room feature a blog post on Knight Rider? Ask John Hood (about halfway down the page).

Re: Raleigh officials

Raleigh’s plan, from Abby’s post: (1) don’t call the Beltline I-440; (2) don’t call it the inner or outer Beltline, just east- or westbound Now that’s rich. Below is a map of Raleigh. See that oblong highway encircling (key word) downtown Raleigh? That’s I-440, a.k.a. the Beltline. Please, someone, tell me which half should beContinue Reading

Meet An Uptown Troublemaker

Meet Davon Gaskin. Gaskin was among the 169 people arrested during the CMPD crackdown on Uptown during the July 4th fireworks event. Gaskin told WCNC that the arrest taught him a lesson. “I got caught up in the moment, I was heated a little because of the way the officers came up to us. WeContinue Reading


There’s lots of local reaction to President Bush’s decision to commute Scooter Libby’s sentence. Greeensboro’s Steven Taub writes: So President Bush just commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence because it was “too harsh.” I’m trying to imagine what the fallout would have been if an active CIA agent had been outed during the Clinton administration, particularly ifContinue Reading