Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

‘The Staircase Murders’ affected by Duke lacrosse case

I’m watching “The Staircase Murders” on Lifetime and it occurs to me that much of the verisimilitude of this movie about the Michael Peterson case has been lost because of the Duke lacrosse case. So many people know what the Durham County Judicial Building looks like from all of the TV standups made on itsContinue Reading

Media outs Tar Heel fireworks caper

OK, this guy from Graham, N.C., travels down to South Carolina to get some real fireworks, which are illegal in North Carolina. While he’s buying them a photographer for The Augusta Chronicle (my hometown paper) snaps his photo, The Associated Press picks it up and distributes it nationally, and USAToday runs it on its WebContinue Reading

Muslims deciding who belongs in Denmark

I note this report because I spent a memorable year of my life in Thule, Greenland, guest of the U.S. Air Force and the nation of Denmark. I worked alongside Danes and Inuits in 60-below zero temperatures, so this news makes me mad: Greenlanders have been subject to rock throwing, harassment and assaults by Arabs.Continue Reading

Morals and economic performance

Here is a splendid essay by Anthony de Jasay, a very astute thinker who here ponders the relationship between morals and economic performance. His argument is that politicians resort to coercion to compel “moral” behavior on people (specifically, successful people) once their meddling has undermined the smooth efficiency of capitalism. This reminds me of theContinue Reading

State Fair midway vendor loses court fight against Phipps

The N.C. Court of Appeals has reversed a trial court ruling that would have allowed a State Fair midway vendor to sue Meg Scott Phipps and some of the other parties involved in the shenanigans that sent her to prison. Strates Shows — which had run the midway for years under former N.C. Agriculture CommissionerContinue Reading

Another state tries to boost its economy through higher ed

This time it’s Maine. The state is going to begin a program of forgiving student indebtedness for those who will stay and work in the state. Inside Higher Ed has the story. Will this help the state’s economy? No. Those students who have really good job prospects elsewhere will go elsewhere. Those who don’t willContinue Reading

Whiteville newspaper wins public records fight

An appeals court panel rules in favor of Columbus County’s News-Reporter. 

Appeals court reverses trial court ruling in Wake judicial case

An appeals court panel has reversed a 2006 ruling regarding Wake County’s judicial election districts.  The three-judge panel would allow Wake’s current judicial districts to stand as drawn.