Daily Archives: July 2, 2007

Libby’s sentence commuted

CNN is, naturally, interviewing serial liar Joe Wilson regarding President Bush’s commuting of Scooter Libby’s perjury and obstruction of justice sentence. He just accused Libby of being a traitor for betraying his wife. Of course, Libby never did anything of the sort. It was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who did that, but WilsonContinue Reading

Hamas Mickey’s death shall not be in vain!

Not as long as there are other American children’s shows to jihadize … I tawt I taw a Dionist pig! (Background on “Hamas Mickey.”)

We’re running out of oil (or not)

Thomas Sowell once wrote: Economics is a great field for nostalgia buffs because the same old fallacies keep coming back, like golden oldies in music. Take this example from the latest TIME: An annual British Petroleum report claims that the world has enough oil reserves to last 40 more years. The study, based on officiallyContinue Reading

Evan Sayet on “How Modern Liberals Think”

I’d never heard of this guy until this weekend. He’s a writer/comedian who takes on Hollywood, utopians, academicians, liberals, the arts, political correctness, the entertainment industry in general, journalism and America-haters of all stripes who think “rational and moral thought is an act of bigotry.” It’s 47 minutes long but well worth a lunch hour.

Geddings behind bars

The former lottery commissioner’s attorney says Kevin Geddings has now started his four-year prison sentence. 

Now, he’s officially gone

Mike Nifong sees the handwriting on the wall (I never thought I would write that phrase) and resigns. 

MTV more conservative than The N&O?

Check out MTV’s scathing review of Michael Moore’s “Sicko,” and then compare it to The N&O’s review on Sunday. MTV’s Kurt Loder calls Moore’s movie about American health care “breathtakingly meretricious.” The N&O’s J. Peder Zane admits that Moore is “flagrantly dishonest,” but he seems to be saying Moore’s dishonesty is mitigated by the deeperContinue Reading

Nifong anti-climax

Just to get this on the record: Mike Nifong resigned as Durham DA this morning before a judge could remove him from office. Still having it his way, it seems. Why didn’t Judge Orlando Hudson remove him from office even with the resignation?: Betty Tenn Lawrence, a lawyer for a Durham resident whose petition initiatedContinue Reading