Daily Archives: July 1, 2007

The Kyoto fantasy

China takes the heat as the world’s newly-crowned largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Not exactly local news, bit it fits in well with AEI fellow Joel Schwartz’s

Asking for it

I spent a short but very instructive period working in the state of California, and from that time I’ve held the belief that laissez faire fundamentals aside, many industries really do gain the labor relations and regulatory environment they earn for themselves. Somebody needs to tip the cellular phone industry that Democrats control Congress again.

The true meaning of ‘Black Pride’

Blogger LaShawn Barber discusses real black pride in a post today: People fought and died, bled and cried to dismantle a government system that forced racial segregation. Decades later, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are fighting and crying to keep in place a government system that forces racial integration because we poor black folks can’tContinue Reading

Decapigate coverage grows

Decapigate, the name given to erroneous reports by The Associated Press that headless bodies are being found all over Iraq, was uncovered last week by Bob Owens, a Raleigh blogger known as Confederate Yankee. Since his reports last week, other bloggers, and even some news agencies, are reporting on the hoaxes. Not surprisingly, The AssociatedContinue Reading

The Robert Heinlein I never knew

As a kid I always hated science-fiction, was repelled by it, in fact. But after reading this I may have to read some Robert Heinlein. I’m always intrigued by people who start out as radical lefties and end up as conservatives, like John Dos Passos and David Horowitz. Heinlein, like Dos Passos, ended up workingContinue Reading